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Funeral Bookmarks

& Stationery Mandurah

by Snap Mandurah

A thoughtful funeral keepsake is a beautiful tribute to a departed loved one.

Our Specialties

If you have offered to take on the duty of recording the life of someone dear to you, this can be difficult during such an emotional time. We can assist you in producing special, custom-made memorial service programs or booklets, thank you cards and funeral bookmarks, specifically tailor-made for your loved one. This is a wonderful keepsake that can be treasured by family and friends forever.

Funeral Service Booklets

The funeral booklet or program is a beautiful document given to attendees at a funeral or memorial service.  It details the main points in the funeral service as well as summarising the life accomplishments of your departed loved one.  Funeral booklets are available in various sizes, layouts and designs. They can be one or several pages, depending on the amount of detail that you wish to share.

Funeral Service Booklets
Funeral Bookmarks

Funeral Bookmarks

Funeral bookmarks are lasting keepsakes that are offered to the friends & families of a departed loved one. The front of a funeral bookmark showcases a favourite quote or sentiment. The back will typically display a photo of the departed together with an obituary. A customised memorial bookmark is a way of reminding us each day, the moment you open your book, you see a beautiful personalised card of your loved one.

Memorial Cards

Memorial cards are mementos given out at a celebration of life that offer a lasting tribute to a loved one who has passed away.  The front cover includes a spiritual or contemporary image. Inside the card will display the deceased’s name, lifespan and favourite photo on one side and a poem or customised message on the other side. Memorial Cards can be dispersed at a funeral service or sent afterwards to provide a source of comfort.

Memorial Cards

Personalised Design

Our expert designer can ensure your funeral bookmarks and memorial stationery looks tasteful. We have a reputation for outstanding quality print, so the finished product will be something to keep forever.

Here are some ideas on what you can include in your funeral stationery:

❀   Photographs that chronicle their journey
❀   A document that represents a unique moment in their life
❀   The words to a much-loved song or poem
❀   A chronology of their life
❀   A personally composed summary of their life
❀   Visual references to represent their passions and interests

Along with written information, various other style aspects can be included in your program to provide a more refined and tailored look. Consider including images of family members and colleagues to transform your booklet into a unique keepsake or memento. We can also integrate elegant borders or memorial clipart to help define your loved one’s individuality, such as a spiritual photo or favourite flower. Embellishments and white space can be included to create a beautiful, refined aesthetic.

Personalised Funeral Stationery
Personalised Funeral Stationery
Remembrance Cards
Memorial Service Booklets
Funeral Thank You Cards
Customised Funeral Bookmarks

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